Who does not like a little motivation every now and then. No SONG, or a STORY looks complete without few INTERLUDES. Breaks are necessary to keep the spirits up. Tulip Brook comes up with a doze of energy boosting quotes, every third day, to keep you folks get going...
Are you ready for the first interlude??
Do leave a comment....

Before the next big leap, gasp some breath…

2 thoughts on “INTERLUDES”

  1. It’s lovely, but a little hard to read! It’s probably because I’m getting on a bit, that I struggle with this type of presentation of poetry. My daughter tells me that people tend to do it because it works really well on Instagram etc, but my one request would be to put a text version underneath for the dinosaurs like me, who will enjoy what you write, providing they can read it !

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    1. Thank you for the valuable feedback, will surely do the needful. from next post on wards. You can listen to my audio poetry on anchor or spotify (Artist Pradeepti Sharma) , links shared in the previous posts. That is purely my voice, with no additions, or decorations. More content, less graphics- a balance for both the generations.

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