A poetic tribute to Rabindranath Tagore (The Nobel Laureate)

Rabindranath Tagore is not a name that goes unnoticed by anyone, across the globe.
One of the greatest poets the last century has seen. He is an example of how a poet, a writer, an artist, or any creative persona, has the power to bring about a change in the world, through his works, and creations.
Tagore lived a life dedicated not only to creativity but also to the cause that affected the masses. For him, the welfare of all mattered. His works reflect his concern, and understanding of the society, and issues of the people in it.
He championed the cause of the upliftment of the oppressed and the emancipation of all concerned. There was a spiritual and philosophical side of his poetry. It showed his depth and understanding of life, this existence, and beyond.
On his 159th birth anniversary, I would like to dedicate a poem to him. The title of the poem goes by the same phrase by which he designated himself- I am a Poet (Ami Kavi).

I am a poet (Ami Kavi)আমি কবি

I have seen this life,
I have felt it too,
I have not just existed,
I have lived it too.
There is love,
There is hate,
There is benevolence,
There is greediness,
There is chastity,
There is lust,
There is a virtue,
There is a vice,
Every emotion exists,
And its manifestation too,
Goodness never attacks,
Nor does it inflict pain,
The evil is at war,
With its ego and pride,
And the world is a witness,
Of how destruction occurs.
When malevolence uses,
Weapons of hate, and prejudice,
To fulfill its empty existence,
By the malicious intent,
Of assaulting purity,
And then awakens in the good,
The subtle flame of warmth,
Into a raging fire of blisters,
To conquer the vile,
Of the satanic instincts,
And burn them to ashes,
For utilitarian goals.
I am a poet,
And I take the pledge,
To use words as valid weapons,
And my writings, and works,
As instruments of purpose,
Against evil of all kinds,
Coz a war is not fought,
Only at the war front,
With a battalion and ammunition,
It is fought every day,
In this life of ours.


Blue, Grey, and White- A combination of depth, and wholesomeness.
              " The fearless are those who speak the truth, 
                            and own it too. 
                    Cowards take the refuge of lies 
                       and hide under its veil. "

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