Poetry Podcast- Buddha Poornima Special- Spirituality the poetic way

Title- The Buddha in Me

This buddha Poornima, I would like to recite a poem about Buddhism, and enlightenment. This is no devotion or prayer. It is communication with the buddha in me. We start with the mantra of taking refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and the Sangh.

Buddham sharanam gacchami
Dhammam sharanam gacchami
Sangham sharanam gacchami
Buddha under the Bodhi Tree- Browns and blazing light to show the balance of earthy and divine energies.

The Lines

O! My dear Buddha,

The Enlightened One,

Once, a mighty prince Siddhartha,

Of the famous Kapilavastu kingdom,

Who abandoned the sticky passions,

Of greed, anger, lust, and delusion,

The elements of Karmic bondage,

Through a willingness,

Of attaining purity,

By Awakening the wisdom,

Of the reality of life,

Through the four noble truths-

The truth of suffering,

The truth of a cause for it,

The truth of a solution to end it,


The truth that liberation (Nirvana) is the solution.

I, the seeker, becoming a knower,

From the darkness of unknown ignorance,

To the light of knowledge.

As I understand that,

This dependent origination,

Is the cause of our suffering,

Momentariness is our reality,

Ceaseless change a reflection,

Of the impermanence,

Of this material physicality complex,

Of our making.

The need is to release,

All desires and passions,

That binds us to life,

Full of misery and suffering,

And become an Arhat (the pure one),

The resplendent and the blissful.

I take the eight-fold path,

With the right view,

Of the self and the world,

As I resolve,

To attain the purity of mind,

Through –

The right speech,

The right actions,


The right source of livelihood.

As I put the right effort,

And with the right mindfulness,

I reach different stages,

Of the joy of tranquility,

To perfect bodily ease,

To perfect equanimity, and indifference,

I attain liberation,

And become the Enlightened one,

The Buddha in me.

Charcoal and pen sketch to show the spectrum of existence, and beyond the colors.

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Divinity: Bliss: Grace

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