Mother’s Day- A poetry dedicated to all mothers.

Today, on the occasion of mother’s day, I pay my due respects to all the mothers. Motherhood is an emotion beyond the domain of words and language. It reflects the creative power of this nature, in a very tender manner. The mother-child bond is precious and is above all other relations. Mother’s love is selfless and unconditional. It is a blessing to have a mother and be a mother. I remember, as a kid, how I used to study my mother. When there was a minimal understanding of the world and its complexities. It is through my mother I understood the meaning of devotion. She set an example of the importance of kindness. She lived a life of selflessness, in creating beautiful relationships.

I would like to dedicate a short poem to all the mothers. I hope you can relate to it, and feel the mother-child bond again, poetically.

The Lines

The morning sun, and it’s meshy light,

Instills in our hearts a sense of joy and delight,

In the kitchenette as my mother cooks,

And she hums a song with a glimmer in her looks,

The lingering aroma of the freshly pounded spices,

And the lively crackling in oil of the sauteed vegetable slices,

The way they meet with the ladle, every day

In a pan is showcase this encounter, as an action replay,

The freshness of the freshly raised breads,

Mean life in simplicity spreads,

Like this simmers tender sweet love,

With a tinge of tanginess of raw mango above.


A poetry recital on mother’s day, with English subtitles.
To all the mothers, a big salute. Cheers to motherhood !!!
Mother: Love: Life

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