Hey Woman ! Proclaim the Crown

How one feels sitting alone in a star lit night by the sea side. Well, I feel like a queen, of this vast kingdom of nature I witness with my eyes.

The lines

I am the queen of the night, 

The sky is my kingdom,

The moon my favorite clergy,

The stars my subjects,

The trees my danseuses,

The sea breeze my court’s singer,

And I reign upon this province, 

Every single night.

Like a thunderstorm inside,

 I hum a little, and dance a little more,

I breathe, and let the fierce rain drops,

 From the tempest of my emotions pour.

I let the tornado of the bleaky past,

Rest for a while after a long roar,

And let the balmy waves of self love,

And resilience cleanse my soul, my core,

And I rejoice how resplendent my benevolence is, 

Beholding my existence like an aural bliss.


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