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Cosmic Delight

The cosmos always amazes us, be it the moon, the sun, a star, a constellation or the milky way. Everything looks mesmerizing and a splendid phenomenon. Let’s celebrate the beauty of this cosmos, through a series of poems under the title, “Cosmic Delight”.

A star-lit night

When I look at the stars,

I adore the balmy twinkling, 

Of these cosmic beauties.

That create beautiful patterns, 

On the canvas of this Prussian sky. 

And make the onlooker realize,

 It’s the flagrant desire. 

That gives a resplendence, 

That reaches the fathomless terrains,

 And brightens up the darkest facades.

Leaving a soothing hope, 

That inner light is magic, 

With a message-” Let it shine uninhibited, 

And spread its glow, 

To the seekers of truth, 

Who traverse the murky paths,

 And the treacherous routes, 

To reach the final destination, 

Of the light of pure veracity. “


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