Lovers part ways but love stays and keeps the memories alive.

As I walk past this street,

I try to revisit the past memories,
Still alive,
In the fringes of the stoned pathways,
In the cracks of the broken walls,
On the cutlery of the baker’s deli,
In the fragrance of the florist’s boutique,
On the edges of that wooden bench,
In all those places,
Where we coexisted,
Celebrating our togetherness,
And vouching a forever.

Alas! Surreal it is,
To the outer world,
Only my soul can feel its existence,
But, for how long?
Is a question that baffles me,
And as I close my eyes,
I feel you everywhere,
And I relive the past memories,
And head towards my abode,
Alone but not lonely.

reminiscent : love : reality

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