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When I get older…

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When I get older,

At the call of the day break,
I will go the extra mile,
To see the tangerine balmy sunrise,
From the majestic Shivalik mountains,
And sniff the invigorating fragrance-
Of the lively daylight breeze,
The vibrant valley flowers,
And the yummy baker’s fruit bread.
With my beloved and confidante,
Fingers entwined just like our hearts,
As we walk past the narrow winding roads,
And crooked hilly terrains,
Looking at each other in awe,
Like those love birds,
Who sing a song of togetherness,
Undeterred by time and age.
And feel blessed-
To be with each other,
And for each other,
At the last terminal of this life journey.

life: togetherness : love

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