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It’s a matter of time

How do we make children learn new things? I do it with poems and stories. A little girl is learningto read time on a clock and what better than a poem to make her understand this.

A little child was learning to read time and understand its value. But no one to clear her doubts. The clock saw this, and called the little child.

Hello my dear kid, 

“I am a roud clock, and I keep ticking nonstop.

I have three arms, all of different sizes.

The longest and thickest shows the hours, 

From one to twelve, two times a day, 

The shorter arm runs in minutes, 

From one to sixty every hour, 

The thinnest arm ticks every second, 

60 times in a minute.”

The child got excited, and asked the clock, but what is your use? 

The clock smiled and said,

“O my dear child, 

The moment you are born, 

To the moment you die, 

And every moment between it, 

Is numbered.

Humans are bound by time, 

And I help you in different ways, 

To wake up for school, 

And attend a class, 

Go for a play with pals, 

And rest in the night.

For children need to learn, 

To grow up as adults, 

And make a living, 

Just like your parents do.

But, what’s a child without some fun, 

So some time devoted to play, 

For few hours everyday, 

Making a child happy and gay.

I guide you always, 

To spend the day wisely, 

And this goes for years,

And an entire lifetime.”

The girl danced in joy,

On knowing the importance of time,

And ran to her friends,

For a fun time in the day.

time : children : learning

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