philosophy, Soulful

Soul churning thoughts…

When things go wrong,

I wonder, “Is the wind of righteousness responsible,

For this devastation? “

And then,

The tempest of emotions,

Violently swipes away my senses,

And I am trapped in a gloomy whirlpool of resentment and guilt.

All attempts to come out of this quagmire go in vain,

And I rest for a while,

Tired of this eddied existence.

I contemplate the inevitability of everything gone wrong,

And realize the worthiness of being right,

And I do away with resentment and guilt,


Emerging, though very slowly from this trap,

As storms do not last forever,

Though they change everything they touch,

But what does not change is one’s righteousness.


Realizing this truth,

I feel elated the way I survived this devastating tornado,

But never lost my righteousness in the process.

soul : reflections : existence

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