poetry, Soulful

Flashes of Future

A deep breath of tranquility,
And a connect with the radiance,
Of the divine cosmic power,
Surges a current of revalations,
In the subconscious paths,
Of the mental terrain,
And channelizes the energy,
From chaos to coherence.
And the inner eye views,
Flashes of the future,
Of amor and nuptial ties,
Glimpes of which bring balminess,
To the restless soul.
Reuniting with the one,
After many lifetimes,
Seems like a karmic play,
Coming to a finale,

With the inclusion,
Of oneself with the beloved,
Beyond time and space,
Like an eternal flame,
Burning perpetually for eons,
Traversing light years,
Across galaxies and the cosmos.

déjà vu : soulmate : eternity

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