Who am I??


A little secret about me…

I am the spirit, that lives this existence, with love alone. Living every moment deeply, alone, in nature, is how I believe life should be. Here with some soulful poetic creations, along with some short stories, inspiring quotes (I call them interludes), & interior design ideas, in times to come, to soothe your tensed and weary senses. I have been an addict of verbosity, and the desire to call myself a linguist pushed me to write in unfamiliar languages- English, Hindi, and Urdu. Many more to imbibe, in the intricacies of my Sufi soul. My writings have a healing touch to them, as I am certified energy healer, interior design aesthetics expert, and a yoga enthusiast. I believe in not only learning the requisite skills, but having a passion to create something worthy out of them. Cheers to our existence!!!


  • Content/ Copy Writing
  • Poetry
  • Interior Design
  • Energy Healing