When nature weaves

Have you ever wondered how nature creates different patterns every moment with different concentrations of light and darkness. It’s a masterpiece in itself, to see such beautiful shapes of shadows. Below is an intricate and proportionate pattern made by two trees in my garden, just like a weaved piece of cloth.

intricacy of an artist- the nature

The Lines

The nature weaves

Sometimes we wear brightness,

Mostly we discard it,

Sometimes we cover darkness,

Hesitatingly we flaunt it.

Sometimes we need both,

Sometimes we feed none.

But life is an amalgamation,

Of these very dualities,

Though n different proportions,

Displaying to you varied realities.

If you choose a shade,

And make other hues fade,

Patterns you will get,

All unique and complex,

Making your discretion- an entangled net.

These wavy twigs and colorful leaves,

Make beautiful silhouettes on sand,

Like intricately finished hand loom weaves,

Here cloth is replaced by a piece of land.

What a wonderful artist nature is,

That uses light as a filature, isn’t it a bliss?