” Jaki rahi bhavna jaisi
Prabhu murat dekhi tin taisi”

  • Tulsidas

Different expressions of the one divine source.
Paths are different,
Destination is the same.
Therefore, so many gods in hinduism.
Therefore so many rituals, festivals, mantras
But a truly spiritual person will go beyond all this.
He will move towards experiencing shunyata-
A state of nothingness
(The essence of one’s existence).


poetry, Soulful

Musings – Bliss

Nature blesses us every moment. Yet we ignore it and go ahead with our daily activities. We get so entangled in this quagmire that we fail to experience the bliss this nature bestows us.

One such bliss I experienced today. As monsoons arrived, my garden bloomed with lilies in pink, yellow, and white. Lush green shoots wear a crown of petals and sway in pride. Indeed, beauty and vain go together. I just sit and admire the vibrance and charm of these lilies. To keep alive these memories as I wait for these lilies to bloom again after a year.

lilies: monsoon : bliss

poetry, Soulful

The Divine Charm

When the feminine energy yearns for the masculine to unite and merge into oneness, ut is no less than magic.

When life was swinging astray,

Finding no peace,

No direction to go,

The heart panged restlessly,

The mind raced recklessly,

A man from the divine land,

One with a blissful aura,

Entered the tempest of my emotions,

And stood there firmly,

Smiling at me,

His eyes radiating only love.

He walked towards me,


Held my cold restless hands,

Caressed my dry pale lips.

He closed my tired eyelids,


Whispered words of magic in my ears.


In a matter of few breaths,

Calmed down the turmoil within.

Embracing me tightly,

And with full authority,

He took me with him,

To the divine land,

To stay with him,

As his soulmate,

For lifetimes, till eternity.

Divine : Love : Unison

poetry, Souful, Soulful

A night like this

Each one of us has a fantasy, a longing, a desire, to have that perfect night. A night filled with magic and love. Some like it simple like any other silent night. Some love it like a celebration with the festoons and confetti. Some yearn for a total trance of the starry sky. Some need just the lunar charm. Some need solace and solitude. Some need a confidante to contribute. But all need something in the night that they miss in the day light.

The night carries me to,

A magical world of love,
And a surreal terrain of joy,
Where stars twinkle brighter,
And create a scintillating mosaic,
In the pristine blue waters,
With the breeze smothering my tresses,
And nudging me to dance,
To the tunes of the night’s notes,
And live this night fully,
In ecstasy and bliss.

night : bliss : moon

philosophy, poetry, Spiritual

The call of the divine

How one experiences the divinity is a mystery in itself. But whatever be the experience, it’s worth sharing. I am sharing my experience in the form of a short poem.

The morning temple bells,
And the breezy lake side,
The lemony fresh sky,
And the fragrant marigold petals,
The ivory conch echoes,
And the invigorating mantra sounds,
The soothing camphor fire,
And the cleansing holy water,
The clamor of the devotees,
Brought to a dead silence,
By the sheer divine presence,
Not outside as a diety, but within oneself.

divinity : existence : bliss

inspiration, poetry

The Enchantress in Fuschia

Bougainville flowers are a perfect example of beauty in minimalism yet owning a regality. I love bougainville and my favorite is the clustered one in fuschia. I admire its simplicity and poise. A short poem dedicated to this enchantress in fuschia.


The Lines

Her raiment- a story of plentitude, 

Containing pleats and folds in multitude, 

Carrying this flamboyance in attitude, 

This enchantress of her own certitude,  

Flashing fuschia hues of regal altitude, 

Exhibiting artistry of extraordinary  magnitude.

Reminds the onlooker-
Exquisiteness is in complete acceptance,

 Of one’s unique and sketchy outer existence,  

Comparison leads to a deep repentance, 

Obscuring totality in an act of reflectance, 

Through the lens of imposed resistance, 

Hindering life towards a path of transcendence. 
You owe these myriad angularities, 

The deflated curves, 

And the crooked lines, 

You owe these flawed peculiarities, 

The story of scarred nerves, 

The mystery of unhealed signs.

Flaunt your mortal oddity, 

Like a playful normality, 

For life is beyond physicality, 

And any conditional modality, 

It is an existence of immense vitality, 

An experience of sheer bliss in totality.