The sanctity of the connubial thread lies in evolving through disagreements, through uncomfortable confrontations, through low times, through fears and weaknesses.
It’s about being each others’ mirror.
It’s about helping and supporting each other no matter what.
It’s about the willingness to give.
It’s about the deep desire to nurture each other and bring out the best in each other.
The process might look like a complicated mesh such as an embroidery backside.
But the outcome is a beautiful masterpiece of your relationship.
The one you created together over time.
It’s all about to what extent two people are ready to create this masterpiece.


philosophy, poetry

The Glory of Dawn

In city life, though the dawn scenes are filled with the hustle bustle of people and vehicles jostling their way to their respective destinations, yet the charm of nature never seems to fade away.

Every morning, when the roads are starting to fill,

A half awake sun imbues the torpor sky with beams so resplendent,
And arise the avian cohorts of yesterday to hail the arrival of their departed companion.
The hidden flower now shyly unveils its beauty and scent.
And becomes visible the till now¬† uncomprehended boisterous stream’s clarion.
We, humans just mere onlookers of this nature’s spectre,
Walk past those freshly sunbathed roads,
And wonder, indeed this is the glory
of dawn.

dawn : sun : nature

inspiration, poetry

Being Alive

Love is all we need. Love can provide the warmth in the biting cold of Oslo winter too. It’s time to live that love and become truly alive.

Like confetti I shine with the sunshine

The Lines


Visceral grief of mine,


In the fathoms,

Of your oceanic love,

The way,

Are warmed,

These shivering, slender palms,

In the biting Oslo cold,

Wrapped up,

In a cushy woolen glove.


I forget,

To bother,


The sun had risen today,

Or Have the lily buds,


In my backyard.


perceive a change,

Within me,

Of not losing my sanity,

In the trap of the demons,

Who plagued my mind,

For eons together,

And crippled my thoughts,

Stole my inner peace,

And my surreal ecstasy.


I am free,

Unfettered and breathing.


I am truly alive,

Bursting into,

Colorful Confetti,

Shining with the sunshine beams,

Mingling with my liveliness,

Adding a radiant zest,

To its existence.