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Musings – Bliss

Nature blesses us every moment. Yet we ignore it and go ahead with our daily activities. We get so entangled in this quagmire that we fail to experience the bliss this nature bestows us.

One such bliss I experienced today. As monsoons arrived, my garden bloomed with lilies in pink, yellow, and white. Lush green shoots wear a crown of petals and sway in pride. Indeed, beauty and vain go together. I just sit and admire the vibrance and charm of these lilies. To keep alive these memories as I wait for these lilies to bloom again after a year.

lilies: monsoon : bliss



Life is colorful, all shades are important to make it complete. But too many greys and blacks, will make everything look like a smudged ash left after everything is gone. When you are still alive, why not choose the yellows, the reds, the pinks, and the mauves. Flaunt these hues of joy, passion, daintiness, and regality. A little inspiration to make you all joyful, I choose yellow. Let’s celebrate this shade of life with an enthusiasm like never before.