” Jaki rahi bhavna jaisi
Prabhu murat dekhi tin taisi”

  • Tulsidas

Different expressions of the one divine source.
Paths are different,
Destination is the same.
Therefore, so many gods in hinduism.
Therefore so many rituals, festivals, mantras
But a truly spiritual person will go beyond all this.
He will move towards experiencing shunyata-
A state of nothingness
(The essence of one’s existence).


poetry, Soulful

Surrealism – The Magenta Blossoms

Dreams are a encounters of a different kind. Sometimes purely blissful, sometimes horrifying to the core. I share one such dream I had last night. What better way than by expressing it in the form a poem.

a hedge of magenta blossoms in my garden

The Lines

Another dreamy encounter,

As I reach in a jiffy,

A far away terrain,
Sun’s radiating gloriously,
A beautiful mesh of rays,
Covering this earth,

Like a bride’s veil,
Beautiful when worn,
And even more beautiful,
When lifted.

A tiny amber boulder,
Near the magenta blossoms,
Invites me to a soirée,
Filled with fantasies,

Of fairies and angels.

The very resplendent sight,

Bewitched me in entirety,

And I sat on the boulder,

Ready to traverse,

A journey beyond a path,

Beyond any destination.