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Philosophy – Scales of Reality

What our vision catches, is it the entire reality or there is more to it? We have a range of vision but things exist beyond that too. If we open up our eyes of imagination, we will be able to envision a world beyond this reality.

A flower in my garden, looked such a perfect shade of yellow, but it withered after few days. This withering looked like a loss of one’s identity as a flower, particle by particle. It appeared as if one tiny particle after another is detaching itself from life and moving towards a new form, a new life. What a magical scale I adjusted my focus on. Amazed!




Have you ever observed the magic of a butterfly and how the flowers bloom with it’s touch? Let’s experience it through poetry.

The Lines

These soft lemony flowers, bright and fresh, 

This shaded green foliage, a beautiful mesh, 

Attracts this petite aviator of the low skies, 

To share tainted secrets and misconstrued lies, 

To reveal how humans oft distort reality, 

As an attribute of their mortal frailty. 

As I look in awe, 

At these cohorts exhibiting acts of sorcery, 

In a language beyond human glossary.

I wonder, 

Nature has its own way of expression, 

A language beyond human comprehension, 

Which leaves a spray of an illusionary impression,

On the minds clogged by filthy grains of aggression.

I ponder a little and realize, 

Nature calls us in ways innumerable, 

To unfold what’s hidden, in ways unimaginable. 

But we remain deaf to this song of existence, 

Which flows unhindered without any resistance, 

And we turn a blind eye to this divinity’s  dance, 

Missing this very golden chance, 

Of experiencing a zesty trance, 

And relishing this magnificent happenstance.

I smile in joy, 

At this resplendence of knowing, 

The consequence of sowing, 

The seeds of curiousity, 

Which burst into enormity, 

Erasing the darkness of ignorance, 

With it’s revelatory illuminance. 

The butterfly makes the flower, 

Bloom and shine like an earthy star, 

And the flower makes the butterfly glimmer, 

Like a sprinkled florid shimmer. 

Their proximity is a stay so brief,

But the emotions linger on a  belief

That a beautiful blend it is,

Like an everlasting bliss, 

Of an unconditional love, 

So profound and deep, 

Reminding one, 

That distance is left, 

With only feelings to keep, 

As a token of that conjunction,  

Where memories form the foundation, 

And faith, the pillars of affirmation, 

To make this residual life, a marvelous




Poetry Podcast-When a Woman Loves

Love, in separation, love in unrequited ness, and unspoken love, are beautiful aspects of the entire thing.
This episode speaks about how a woman loves a man. The poem uses the figure of speech, a simile, to describe a woman’s love like that of a flower, and the man as a sun.

The Title- When a Woman Loves

Seeds of desire,
when planted inside a woman’s heart,
Become coy buds, blushing in the presence of her man,
And blossom into vibrant flowers at the very glance of him.
But such flowers are bound to wither,
As springtime of love is momentary,
but the autumn seems eternal.
Such is the tragedy of a woman’s unspoken love,
Which blooms in the lovers’ presence,
To dwindle soon in his lack of admission.
The flower is ready to bloom again,
Waiting for the time, for the lover to acknowledge,
The reason for its existence.
As the roots of unrequited love penetrate deep within,
Suffering pangs of the longing for a cherished moment,
That she can relive again.
This is how a woman loves,
Like a silent prayer,
Of a flower to the sun,
Which nourishes her,
Though from a distance,
And she longs to be with him, forever.
The deepest core of her being,
Longing for those beams,
Of light and life,To keep her alive forever,
But she doesn’t realize,
Her mortal existentialism.
After a pensive phase,
And an introspection of her reality,
She contemplates the futility of this desire,
And desires to fulfill this sole wish,
To admire his glory,
from far away.
She tries to spread her fragrance,
To entice his masculinity,
To garner his admiration,
But, the wind flows in the opposite direction,
Diluting her daintiness,
With its gusto, and strength.
And this sweet desire,
Of her tender heart,
Remains in her heart itself.

A pensive look, and eyes filled to the brim, with a deep longing to be loved.

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