The night burns

Ever seen how this moon, the sky, the breeze, and the water, remind you of old times. So is tonight, a reminder of a long-lost love. But it inspires you to grow out of the loss, the pain, and shine like never.

The moon shines

The Lines

The fiery moon and the calming, breezy night,

The moon sets itself on fire,

And brightens the inky indigo sky,

And the pitch blue water beneath, 

Revealing the unfulfilled passion,

Of forlorn love,

An unrequited emotional encounter,

With a lover of a stark disposition. 

The breeze of detachment,

Tries to obscure this fiery night,

And makes everything look hazy.

But it fails in a manner so miserable,

That the moon shines to its full glory,

And keeps burning the entire night,

Beckoning all and reminding them,

That the painful love stories linger the longest.

Reiterates with its envying resplendence,

Let the pain linger, 

Let it burn you,

For life is all about passion,

A desire to love and confer it too.

And in this fire gives rise to beautiful art,

A poetic soiree,

A piece of a musical symphony,

Or a breathtaking dance recital,

And in time one ought to shine, And glow forever.

Moon: Love: Shine


Poetry Podcast

Title- Longings of a Forlorn Lover

This poem describes how one of the two lovers, living far away from each other, for a very long time, feels waiting for the other. It has elements of restlessness, care, a deep longing, and LOVE above all.❤❤

                                                          The lines

Amidst the Mountains in the vales,
A rhapsodic breeze wades and sails
The words undeciphered but a familiar tune,
Of a docile damsel waiting for her beau, 
who promised to come back soon.
She wraps up the chores of the day,
When the children of the village retire from the play,
And the adults sleep after their routine- eat and pray,
The small hillock,  beside the temple, becomes her night stay.
A place where they used to vouch of togetherness till eternity,
And dreamt of the connubial life ahead -a blissful serendipity.
Their surreptitious meets and clandestine talks,
All she used to remember, 
As on the hill, she intermittently sat, and walked.
It's been days he went afar to fulfil his occupational needs,
To accomplish life's goals through humble and honest  deeds,
It is on the fuel of those memories that her heart now feeds,
And on the terrain of soulful desires true love breeds.
She anticipates, the arrival of her suitor every dusk, every dawn.
With gleamy watery eyes and a dewy rosy face, 
 now a shade of dull fawn.
And she whispers  to herself-
" For separation is an invisible chain, 
It’s the unison that sets one free, 
Every moment away from you, 
Is like a mountain load I carry, 
Come soon, my beloved, 
And lift up this burden, 
Liberate this longing soul, 
From the misery of being alone, 
For love without lovers being together, 
How long will it look like a love? "

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