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When nature paints-
Orange and black ūüß°ūüĖ§
Sunsets like these are beyond romanticism.
They are a reminder that life is beautiful in every hue.
This darkness makes the inner light shine brighter.
A light that might have went unnoticed in daylight gets recognition in the dark.
Neve fear the dark.
Never run away from it.
Face it with courage.
And see how yourself glow like a firefly.

Orange : Black : Nature

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SURREALISM – Pink Lilies

I love lilies- in the garbs of whites, yellows, and pinks. These pink lilies in my garden became a part of my surreal journey. Another beautiful dream that poured out poetry from my soul. 

Lilies in my garden

The Lines

The monsoon raindrops infuse exuberance in¬†life,¬†The vreezy air caressing the plants¬†like a melodious fife,¬†Little beauties in pink attire,¬†Glow in the light of cosmic fire,¬†Glorifying the existence of this nature,¬†Which exists in every creature,¬†Reminding one to effortlessly¬†align,¬†With the master’s¬†design,¬†And experience the bliss this life is.