All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Ever wondered why even after achieving a name, fame, and success, people feel sad and lonely. They have everything at their disposal, but still feel deprived. They eventually realize that it is love and care of people that matters in life, and the riches can’t buy happiness at least. But it’s too late and they find themselves left all alone till the end of their lives. Value when people love you, value when people care for you, value when people stay for you, before it’s too late.

The darkness in city lights

The Lines

The mauve sky tonight,
Brightens up with the city lights,

Full of aplomb and might.
Looks regal, the very sight.

As I view these concrete high-rises,
Through my balcony’s railing gaps,
How a slight change in focus,

Can reduce their gigantic sizes,
Making them look like tiny postcard snaps,
It looks like the vision plays an illusion, a hocus-pocus.

As I drink this refreshing lemonade,
And relax hearing Cohen’s serenade,

The thought-

How we turn a blind eye to life’s simplicities,
And keep looking for unnecessary complexities,

Bothers my quaint and demeanor,
Making me feel greedy and meaner,

As I relive the times of my struggle and strife,
Losing relations in the name of living a life,

That I dreamt of seeing hills grandiose,
And the glitterati flamboyance,
Of lavish mansions and fancy automobiles.

And I kept listening to this loud noise,
That reverberated in my mind like a tinnitus annoyance,
And I craved for chimeric fame and false appeals.

Where I grabbed every opportunity, every chance,
At the stake of my decade-old romance,

Which I left behind with a galore of excuses and lies,
To break the connubial thread for amorous ties,

And as I find myself lonely at fifty,
I curse myself for being selfish and thrifty,

For filling the bank’s lockers with stones and paper,
And leaving empty my heart’s chest empty like vapor.

Time to behold life’s beauty in true contentment,
By being grateful for every single moment.

And overlook these fickle notions that happiness is bought and sold,
And realizing that all that glitters is definitely not gold.