Lovers part ways but love stays and keeps the memories alive.

As I walk past this street,

I try to revisit the past memories,
Still alive,
In the fringes of the stoned pathways,
In the cracks of the broken walls,
On the cutlery of the baker’s deli,
In the fragrance of the florist’s boutique,
On the edges of that wooden bench,
In all those places,
Where we coexisted,
Celebrating our togetherness,
And vouching a forever.

Alas! Surreal it is,
To the outer world,
Only my soul can feel its existence,
But, for how long?
Is a question that baffles me,
And as I close my eyes,
I feel you everywhere,
And I relive the past memories,
And head towards my abode,
Alone but not lonely.

reminiscent : love : reality



The course of this love,

Is all creases and curves,

Where the folds hide coyly,

The secrets of the bud,


The blooming pain,

Of its magical transformation,

To a charming pink rose.


Reveal with aplomb,

It’s silky countenance.

Yet concealing it’s scars,

And an unsaid pain,

Of a short existence,

Diffused in it’s ecstatic fragrance,

Making lovers wonder,

What stays in love?


What fades away?

love: pain: rose


Poetry Podcast- A Humble Existence

This is a poem about a bird who waits for the right ambiance to make love to her lover. A simple rainfall in the evening of a monsoon month of July.

A lover awaits for the union.

The Lines

There she sits in poignance,

On a dainty Gulmohar branch,

As she enjoys the lemony balmy sun,

On a monsoon mid-day of July,

She looks at the powder blue sky above,

And sings a soulful melody,

She waits in a vivid eagerness,

For the Prussian blue evening to arrive.

After a two-hour stay,

She welcomes the soothing breeze,

And the drops of pristine rainwater,

Fall down like a shower of love,

And they drench the earth in entirety,

Every leaf of the Gulmohar tree,

And the coy nightingale too.

And she retires to her nest,

With her mate, her lover,

After a dreamy dance of ecstasy,

Under the tranquil showers of bliss,

Bewitched by this mushy scenery,

They bloom together, into a beautiful unison,

Like soulmates for infinite lifetimes.

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Love: Nature: Lovers

Poetry Podcast

Title- Longings of a Forlorn Lover

This poem describes how one of the two lovers, living far away from each other, for a very long time, feels waiting for the other. It has elements of restlessness, care, a deep longing, and LOVE above all.❤❤

                                                          The lines

Amidst the Mountains in the vales,
A rhapsodic breeze wades and sails
The words undeciphered but a familiar tune,
Of a docile damsel waiting for her beau, 
who promised to come back soon.
She wraps up the chores of the day,
When the children of the village retire from the play,
And the adults sleep after their routine- eat and pray,
The small hillock,  beside the temple, becomes her night stay.
A place where they used to vouch of togetherness till eternity,
And dreamt of the connubial life ahead -a blissful serendipity.
Their surreptitious meets and clandestine talks,
All she used to remember, 
As on the hill, she intermittently sat, and walked.
It's been days he went afar to fulfil his occupational needs,
To accomplish life's goals through humble and honest  deeds,
It is on the fuel of those memories that her heart now feeds,
And on the terrain of soulful desires true love breeds.
She anticipates, the arrival of her suitor every dusk, every dawn.
With gleamy watery eyes and a dewy rosy face, 
 now a shade of dull fawn.
And she whispers  to herself-
" For separation is an invisible chain, 
It’s the unison that sets one free, 
Every moment away from you, 
Is like a mountain load I carry, 
Come soon, my beloved, 
And lift up this burden, 
Liberate this longing soul, 
From the misery of being alone, 
For love without lovers being together, 
How long will it look like a love? "

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Second Post (Podcast)

A beautiful damsel, in the prime of her youthful desires, when separated from her beau, has only one way to feel him deeply, in her vivid dreams, where she ignites the passionate fire, and makes intense love to him.


Pangs of an Unfulfilled Ardor