Life is colorful, all shades are important to make it complete. But too many greys and blacks, will make everything look like a smudged ash left after everything is gone. When you are still alive, why not choose the yellows, the reds, the pinks, and the mauves. Flaunt these hues of joy, passion, daintiness, and regality. A little inspiration to make you all joyful, I choose yellow. Let’s celebrate this shade of life with an enthusiasm like never before.





Ever wondered why we feel a little off-balance when we have negative thoughts in our minds. It’s the sourness we are increasing, not just for others, for ourselves too. Be like water, balanced, and neutral. A little inspiration to make you folks understand that even if you have been tasting sourness lately, you can come back to normalcy. Just a change of attitude will do the magic.

Sourness in life- lemons in my garden



Interludes III

Friday it is, another week ends. The weekend starts. This makes little sense in lockdown, where all days are the same. It might bore some of you, depress a few, and for some, it’s sheer blankness to even figure out one is feeling inside. For all the lovely souls out there, a little inspiration to feel the balmy sun in a stark overcast too.

Value of sunshine in an overcast

Stay happy, stay motivated. Cheers !!!

Life: Time: Hope


Interludes II

Another week starts, another Monday it is. For most of you, it’s a lockdown phase, working from home. But, for a majority, it is survival time. Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory can’t be more relevant. In this tough time, the world faces; it is time to introspect and be grateful for things we have always taken granted for. Interludes II aims to boost your morals and get you going.

Nature is the best teacher, learn from it.

I hope this motivates you. Tough times shall pass, have faith in yourself, and the divine timing.

Life: Inspiration: Philosophy



Who does not like a little motivation every now and then. No SONG, or a STORY looks complete without few INTERLUDES. Breaks are necessary to keep the spirits up. Tulip Brook comes up with a doze of energy boosting quotes, every third day, to keep you folks get going...
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Before the next big leap, gasp some breath…