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Free Soul

I found freedom in,

Dancing to my own music,

And singing my own song,

Unapologetically being myself,

Every single moment,

Even if I falter and break a bone,

Or strain my vocal chords,

I’ll just push myself more,

And expand my existence,

Like this limitless sky above.

I relished every moment,

From the glory of morning-

The fresh fragrant breeze,

That invigorates those weary senses,

The sweet songs of birds,

That make this ambience magical,

The balmy rays of the sun,

That inspires one to go ahead with the day,

Like a fire that lights up everything it touches.

And as the night beckoned,

I simply relaxed imagining,

The majestic mountains,

And the enigmatic sun dance,

The blooming valley,

And the aromatic air,

The soulful sky,

And the calming water,

The morning bird songs,

And the evening starry nights,

All that nature has offered,

Generously to us,

Every single moment.

If ever I felt lonely,

With no one to hear and speak,

I talked to the trees,

These little flowering buds,

The cuckoo and the crow,

Sitting on the porch,

Or my little pet dog.

I went beyond human dependency,

And experienced a connection,

With other lifeforms too.

Days pass in joy,

As I live to the fullest,

Learning and sharing,

Creating and caring.

Again the night arrives,

With a full moon this time,

That gives hope to everyone,

To be child-like and dream,

To love this life and stay adventurous,

To think of the unimaginable,

To talk about the unbelievable,


To never give up in life.

As I fall asleep,

I live an explorer’s life,

Who packs his bags,

And goes on an adventure-

A trek to the mighty Himalayas,

A deep dive in the deep Pacific,

A skydiving thrill in the listless sky of Dubai,

Cycle non stop in tour d’France,

Or run a half marathon in an event,

Somersault like a gymnast in a circus,

Dance and swirl on my toes like a ballet dancer,

And make every moment truly enjoyable,

Sharing a playful vibrant smile,

And a pristine sparkling love wherever I go.


inspiration, poetry

A Love Like This

Have you ever observed nature and felt a sense of awe? Have you ever wondered what is the mystery behind nature’s impeccable beauty? The answer to all these questions- it’s love. Love of a kind that just gives. Such a love ought to be beautiful.

image source: the internet, & collage by me.

The Lines

When I looked upon that mountain,

And how the clouds smother its peak,

A gentle stroke before drifting away,

I am in awe of,

The beauty of this encounter,

Love of a moment,

Remembrance of a lifetime.

When I looked upon that stream of water,

A bubbly gushing rivulet,

And how it gave its soothing touch,

As it ran, tracing the mountain,

Drenching it from top to bottom,

Another kind of temporary love,

Whose essence lingers for long.

When I looked at that dewdrop,

Losing its form on the petal,

And finally its identity,

But making the petal shine,

What a sacrificial love it is,

A moment’s surrender to the other,

Glorifying one’s love for eternity.