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The Night Speaks When…

Do you ever listen to the silence of the night? No, not with your ears, but with your inner senses. Try listening it tonight, it’s simply magical and captivating.

The night speaks when,

The inner voice silences,
The heart opens up,
The mind is attentive,
To hear the stories,
The night has to share,
Of the past, present, and future.

Mysteries are revealed,
Notions are changed,
Taboos are broken,
Prejudices are shaken.

It brings out a fearless you,
The one who is ready,
To listen to the night,
Everytime it speaks.

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A night like this

Each one of us has a fantasy, a longing, a desire, to have that perfect night. A night filled with magic and love. Some like it simple like any other silent night. Some love it like a celebration with the festoons and confetti. Some yearn for a total trance of the starry sky. Some need just the lunar charm. Some need solace and solitude. Some need a confidante to contribute. But all need something in the night that they miss in the day light.

The night carries me to,

A magical world of love,
And a surreal terrain of joy,
Where stars twinkle brighter,
And create a scintillating mosaic,
In the pristine blue waters,
With the breeze smothering my tresses,
And nudging me to dance,
To the tunes of the night’s notes,
And live this night fully,
In ecstasy and bliss.

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Cosmic Delight

The cosmos always amazes us, be it the moon, the sun, a star, a constellation or the milky way. Everything looks mesmerizing and a splendid phenomenon. Let’s celebrate the beauty of this cosmos, through a series of poems under the title, “Cosmic Delight”.

A star-lit night

When I look at the stars,

I adore the balmy twinkling, 

Of these cosmic beauties.

That create beautiful patterns, 

On the canvas of this Prussian sky. 

And make the onlooker realize,

 It’s the flagrant desire. 

That gives a resplendence, 

That reaches the fathomless terrains,

 And brightens up the darkest facades.

Leaving a soothing hope, 

That inner light is magic, 

With a message-” Let it shine uninhibited, 

And spread its glow, 

To the seekers of truth, 

Who traverse the murky paths,

 And the treacherous routes, 

To reach the final destination, 

Of the light of pure veracity. “



Hey Woman ! Proclaim the Crown

How one feels sitting alone in a star lit night by the sea side. Well, I feel like a queen, of this vast kingdom of nature I witness with my eyes.

The lines

I am the queen of the night, 

The sky is my kingdom,

The moon my favorite clergy,

The stars my subjects,

The trees my danseuses,

The sea breeze my court’s singer,

And I reign upon this province, 

Every single night.

Like a thunderstorm inside,

 I hum a little, and dance a little more,

I breathe, and let the fierce rain drops,

 From the tempest of my emotions pour.

I let the tornado of the bleaky past,

Rest for a while after a long roar,

And let the balmy waves of self love,

And resilience cleanse my soul, my core,

And I rejoice how resplendent my benevolence is, 

Beholding my existence like an aural bliss.