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Beautiful People in Our Lives- Part I

Beautiful people in our lives-
Part I

Remembering Saundarajan Aunty (In orange saree with spectacles).
She reminds me of the beautiful Tamil culture.
As a kid, I used to visit her home often (a government bungalow built during British times in British architectural style).
What a lovely home it was.
Though the outer façade looked British, tbe interiors evoked the purity of Tamilian traditional homes.
She used to cook yummy idlis, fresh ans fluffy, served with coconut chutney made from the coconuts of her garden.
She used to feed me with her hands and tell me stories of her village life and hum beautiful Tamil songs.
I even learnt few songs from her (though now I don’t remember any, just a faded tune somewhere deep inside still rings).
I could feel her longing to relive her childhood, as her eyes used to get wet telling her village stories.

Her kitchen was the traditional kind, and watching her cook and hearing her stories and songs used to make me feel connected to her village too.
The invigorating fragrance of mogras in her gajra, the softness of her cotton saree, the way she put a bindi and chandan on her forehead, the music of her heavy silver anklets, and her gold and glass bangles, all were such a delight to watch. Such simplicity, such tenderness, rare to find these days.

On Puthandu (Tamil New Year), she stitched a beautiful pavadai chattai (traditional silk blouse and skirt) for me, in orange and green.
She dressed me for the festivities, and together we decorated the house with kolam, deepam, and flowers.
Though I did nothing except roaming and dancing everywhere she went. 😂
That day used to be a grand affair, and she was the perfect host.
All fruits in the thali -mango, jackfruit, banana were from her garden.
She used to make small coin purses(batuas) ans potlis and gift them (with some goodies inside) in Puthandu.

She taught me gardening too.
Right from cutting and grafting roses, to making bonsais of neem and gulmohar.
Loved spending time in her huge garden.
She event taught me how to make garlands, and gajras -which flower and bud to choose, and which to leave.
Again, this learning was filled with stories of the past, her village and childhood.
I have seen her doing every household work with such love and joy.
She taught me how to feed animals, and bow to mother nature.
Under the mango tree in her backyard, she used to cut veggies for pickles, and do her stitching work.
She loved sitting under the shade of the mango tree, and I loved swinging on it. 😂
She installed a swing on it, just for me.
It was my tamil language learning class too, and everytime I used to visit her, she used to keep a slate (with a new tamil word written on it along with an example).
Then she used to recite a poem or an adage and tell me in depth meaning of tje same.
She loved reading too.
She had a beautiful shelf with books and a munshi desk to write her thoughts.
One thing she was fond of – sarees.
She had a huge collection in silk, cotton, and blended ones.
Everytime she wore a new saree, she used to tell, this wae my Anna’s favorite color, that was my Akka’s favorite design.
How in every little thing she missed her family.
Though she was a grandmother herself (must be around 57 around that time), she remembered her elder sister and mother, like a little form of five.

I spent around 4-5years (every weekend) and most days of the summer holidays with her.
Wish I could spend more.🙁

Uncle retired after few years, and they went back to their ancestral home in Tamil Nadu.
Miss her a lot.
Seeing this photograph reminds me of all the tenderness she had for me.
It makes me happy and sad at the time.


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The difference between necessity and luxury.There was a time when hearing a song was a matter of luxury.A half an hour weekly episode on doordarshan or a Saturday night movie that might showcase your favorite song was considered a luxury. If you are privileged enough to have a BPL or Videocon TV and an uninterrupted power supply, you were lucky enough to enjoy this weekly luxury. The era where the entire building or society used to throng at one person’s place with snacks prepared at their respective homes, and enjoy the serials and movies together.If not TV, then radio came as another option to enjoy one’s evening or weekends.Aap ki farmaish on vividh bharti kept the hopes high of hearing ones favourite song.Someone,somewhere in the farthest corner of this country might request that song you are waiting for. Or you might overcome your hesitation and send a song request letter to vividh bharti. Again a matter of luck it used to be, your letter getting selected and your request being fulfilled. In those times, not everyone had the luxury to own a gramophone or a record player.Getting a record as a gift seemed like a long cherised dream come true. I remember, our nanaji used to have a collection of records and during the summer vacations, the kids of the house shaked a leg hearing those classics. We used to wait for the summer vacations to enjoy this luxury. Then came the era of cassette players and tape recorders. Vcrs were a matter of prestige in the middle class homes, where one used to hire a casette and play a song or movie, especially during weekends or a family function. The fights and quarrels regarding the choice of a movie tape made memories people cherish till date.Yet it was not easy for everyone to keep buying casettes even if one was lucky enough to buy a tape recorder or a vcr. Friends used to contribute and buy or rent a tape or cassette and circulate the same between them. The excitement to get thar cassette after a long wait is something I yearn for. That kind of thrill, joy and contentment seems missing these days.Funny yet scary situations where the tape of the cassette stuck in the player abd the frantic search of a pen or a stick to rewind it back to the reel. It is a nostalgia I wish to revisit often. When computers came, and the era of cd players, things changed to a great extent.It became easier to access songs and with the advent of the internet, listening to those songs anytime, became an easy task. Yet downloading those songs and keeping them in the system was not yet a reality. With the advent of mobile phones and apps this became more and mor easy and now everyone had the availably and a feasibility to one’s favorite movies , songs and serials at the click of a button. Eventually, people stopped yearning for their favorite song or movie so much. Everything became a matter of on the go entertainment. Time crunch and long hours in travel to and fro from work sucked the joy out of these little things.Social media platforms made this thing even more common and with time ppl stopped yearning for these things.Everything became available not just at the click of a button but also came uncallex for from everywhere, even without asking for it.This became an overdose with time. The essence and joy of it faded completely.Too much of everything makes it’s worth lower with time. And now the time has come when the world came to a halt for whatever reasons,acceptable or unacceptable to us.Yet one little thing happened for the good.It took us back to those old times in some way.We realized the importance of little things and the need to be happy with life’s small offerings. We started cherishing and sharing little moments.In the incessant chase to grab more and more of everything, we have lost the joy in enjoying anything. The greed has disconnected from our real friends and people who are close to us. We have forgotten the basics of life in many ways.I hope we realise this soon and start enjoying our life by sharing and valuing the little things and moments.

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कार्टून श्रृंख्ला- अग्रबाह का अलादीन

अलादीन और जैस्मिन की अनूठी प्रेम कहानी,
याद दिला देती है एक अलग ही दुनिया की,
बचपन की ये यादें आज भी दिल को लुभाती हैं,
ज़रूर याद आ जाएगा आप सभी को भी,
चलो फिर से बचपन जीने चलें एक कविता के माध्यम से।

अलादीन और जैस्मिन

अग्रबाह का अलादीन 

अग्रबाह के महलों में रहती थी एक राजकुमारी, 

मन था उसका कोमल, बातें करती प्यारी प्यारी, 

फूलों सी थी वो नाज़ुक और सुन्दर,

मगर दिल था एक तूफानी समंदर, 

जैस्मिन था उसका नाम,

सच्चा इश्क़ पाना था उसका मुकाम,

सड़कों का मसीहा था एक लड़का नटखट, 

साथी था उसका अबू एक बन्दर,

दोनों करते मिलके शरारत, 

चाहता था वो जैस्मिन को,

मगर कैसे उसे पाता,

 जाफर और उसका तोता यागो दिन रात राजा को भटकता, 

मगर एक दिन उसकी किस्मत जागी,

दौड़के तकदीर उसके पास भागी, 

मिला उसे एक कालीन,

और एक जादुई दीपक में जिन्न, 

जिन्न से मांगी एक ही मुराद,

करदे मेरा प्यार आबाद, 

बन गया राजकुमार अलादीन, 

जाफर यागो को अग्रबाह से हटाया, 

राजा को समझाया, और जैस्मिन को रिझाया,

कहते हैँ दिल में अगर सच्ची हों चाहत,

तो खुदा चमका ही देता है अपने प्यारे बन्दे की बुझी सी वो किस्मत l

बचपन: प्रेम: यादें