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When nature paints-
Orange and black 🧡🖤
Sunsets like these are beyond romanticism.
They are a reminder that life is beautiful in every hue.
This darkness makes the inner light shine brighter.
A light that might have went unnoticed in daylight gets recognition in the dark.
Neve fear the dark.
Never run away from it.
Face it with courage.
And see how yourself glow like a firefly.

Orange : Black : Nature

inspiration, philosophy, poetry

I feel rust orange tonight


I feel rust orange tonight.

Stagnant thoughts of the past,

Make me feel scratchy and rusty,

The mobile emotions tonight,

Make me feel vibrant and zesty.

As my surface withers away,

Removing layers of pinching toxicity,

It reveals beneath itself,

Another layer of soothing positivity.

This breaking apart is true freedom,

From the shackles of restricted life,

As I dismantle part by part,

I relish my disintegration,

Mingling gleefully with willingness,

In the source of my creation,

To be born again in time,

In another form and name.

Another identity that will chain,

My life for sometime,

In a complex quagmire of physicality,

But everytime I’ll reach this threshold,

Of leaving the dimensions of perception,

And entering a terrain unknown,

The one beyond living comprehension,

And I’ll always feel rust orange,

The way I feel tonight.

rust : orange : life