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Something Still Remains…

A lack, a loss,
A pain, a suffering,
A broken dream,
An unfulfilled desire,
A longing of eons,
A want of ages,
All make us feel,
Life is over.
But the truth is,
A lack makes space,
For something else,
To fill in.
A loss gives a chance,
To gain wisdom.
A pain makes one accept,
That life is not all roses,
Some thorns are needed,
To make the journey worthwhile.
The suffering is a stage,
Which transforms one,
To unveil the light,
Of the inner self.
A broken dream,
Inspires to dream again.
An unfullied desire,
Keeps the fire alive,
To keep going and achieving.
A longing of eons,
Makes one realise,
The value of a moment.
A want of ages,
Makes one understand,
The fleeting nature of things.
And one comes to a conclusion,
Behind this lack,
Behind this loss,
Behind this pain,
Behind this suffering,
Behind this broken dream,
Behind this unfufilled desire,
Behind this longing of eons,
Behind this want of ages,
Something still remains.

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What do you feel when you see thunder? What thoughts arise when you hear that jolting sound? For me, it reflects my inner reality. I have expressed the same in the form of poetry.

The emotions inside me

The Lines

This thunder,
An exhibition of rage,
Of the charged up emotions.
This lightening,
Seems like splitting the sky,
In baffling aggression,
With a sharp-edged dagger,
Desperate to tear apart,
The deep pain inside,
It’s liberating.

There are unfamiliar expressions of agony,
A thunder which brightens up the sky,
Akin to a camera’s flash,
Reveals the force of inner turmoil,
A tempest of repressed emotions,
Tha burst in a jiffy,
It’s a kind of exculpation.

This flabbergasting sound,
Is a glaring warning,
Both the bolt and the jolt,
Which reverberate inside my physicality,
And awaken my consciousness,
Conjuring me from this diffidence,
It’s Innervating.

Nature is thy mirror,
It is the chord,
That connects thee,
To the deepest and the darkest fathoms,
Of this existential reality,
In bewildering ways,
It’s ephiphanous.



A Beautiful Life

Life is beautiful every single moment. It is us who make it look ugly with our cloudy thoughts of grief, guilt, and self-deprecation. The light exists always; it is just concealed by the darkness of our moribundity. Let’s reclaim this beauty through a poem.

Light shall shine…

The Lines

How trapped am I?
I occasionally poked myself,

Whenever I turned into,

A grumpy gloomy cloud,

Staining the sunny radiance,

Of the yore.


I washed those stains,

By bursting aloud,

Pouring out all that trapped me.


It never happened,

with ease,

And I,

With weary, frantic eyes,

Looked for another cloud,

Which could cause another thunder,

Where we share our saddened vibrations.


This turned into an ordeal,

A vicious cycle,

That increased the pain,

Caused by the heaviness of other clouds.

That’s what addiction is,

It smothers you for a while,

Gives a moment of ecstasy,

And, then,

Tortures you in every breath.


I decided,

To release the burden,

All by myself,

With a sense of freedom,

Breaking all inhibitions,

All notions of fear and self-doubt,

And let the sun shine again,

In its full glory,

Outgrowing the years of yore,

To the pinnacle of senility.

That’s how life is,

Beautiful when stained,


Even more beautiful,

When cleansed.



Depressed- Are you ready to shine again?

When you are angry, and the anger lingers for long. When you can’t break things on the outside, and with time, everything breaks inside you. When you repress your emotions and those intense bouts of rage. When you let that blazing uncontrolled fire simmer inside you.

The outcome – a broken, bruised, burnt, and rotting you. How many of you sensed this, and how many of you can accept that you feel this way?

It takes courage to accept your vulnerability. Especially in a society run by the homo sapiens. If you observe the ones who talk about morality and values are the ones who play the victim card to justify their immoral conduct. Let’s face with honesty, all of us have done it, and all of us have shunned it too.

Ever wondered, why this anger?

Most of you would disagree with this, but it is a weakened persona that makes us this angry. Anyone’s inappropriate behavior is their incapability. Your angry response to it is even a greater incapability inside you. It is the incapability to get affected by other’s misdeeds.

The world looks more depressed than ever. Ever thought about it, why? It is because of a lost connection with our true self- our souls. Our advancement as a human race is superficial and fragile. It has made us even more prone to shattering into pieces of our wounded self. If anything goes against our desires, it shatters us.

As children we are always joyful, that is our inherent quality. But the energy and poison of those around us sucks the joy and sweetness out of us.

And the result- a pale, shoddy, and a pitiable self.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Stare into those eyes. They reflect your soul. But which soul?- the disbelievers will question this. There will always be disbelievers and naysayers. Let them be. You need to have people who don’t believe in you or who pull you down. You should take this as a chance to emerge out of this depleting energy and shine your way to glory. We cannot please everyone, and we shouldn’t even try doing that.

Being a people pleaser works against us, and with time it makes us a wrecked individual.

What benefit did all that pleasing do to us? Can you once ask yourself this? I am not suggesting that you disrespect or ignore others’ people’s needs. But when it becomes a burden too heavy to lift, or a responsibility that chokes you, it’s time you stop and do a self-check.

One one side, there exists a fine line between being helpful and lending a supportive hand. On the other side, letting others run all over you in the name of help and support. This happens because you have given up your individual growth at the stake of other’s happiness.

But for what?- in the name of being always there for others.

Stop playing the blame-game. There are genuine cases of depression in the world. Such as the traumatic sudden events like war, calamity, accident, rape, assault. Still, we have innumerable stories of people emerging out stronger than before. Facing these incidents brings out the best in them.

It is normal to have all kinds of feelings that make you the human you are. The problem arises when a certain negative feeling lingers for long and overpowers all other feelings. You become an acid that burns itself, and others too. You become toxic not only to yourself but also to those around you.

Now, don’t take these statements in the wrong sense.

Unless it provokes you, you won’t leave this weakened behavior of depression. This provoking is for your own good. Time to get out this self-pity and “I am unworthy” hole. When we observe that the privileged- the ones with a family, a home, a career, amenities, a social life, we find them more depressed and imbalanced than the ones who don’t have any or most of these luxuries.

What is the reason behind it?

It is because our stomachs are full, but the minds are empty. See those who have to think about the next meal every single day. They do not have the energy to divert to other things that bother the privileged.

Remember- “Where your focus goes, energy flows there.” If you keep focusing on this darkness, it will keep sucking you towards it, and you will succumb to it.

Even psychiatrists across the world are accepting the fact now. It is our lifestyles that are making us depressed. We have become an unstoppable racing horse, on an auto mode. But we have our own limitations, and we must accept it with grace.

Every individual is unique. Trying to fit everyone in similar-sized clothing is not a wonderful notion. It will definitely make most feel out of place. It is not avoidable, but we can restrict it to a certain extent. We can carry out minor alterations with this perfectly shaped clothing- the standard set for perfection and success.

The clothing of a chiseled figure.

The attire of a well-paid job.

The wrapping of a stable career.

The garb of a loving family.

The outfit of an attractive personality.

Time to loosen some threads, restitch your own edges, and hems.

Have you ever looked at nature? What makes it beautiful?- The uniqueness that nature accepts within itself. No tree, no branch, no leaf, no flower, no fruit, no water drop, no cloud, no bird, no animal, no stone, no mountain, is the same. Then why do we, as humans, wish to be a replica? Why do we want to imitate a certain standard? The ones set by the money churning mega-nexus of a certain set of individuals. Those who wield power with no sense of responsibility and accountability. Its sheer greediness and impunity on their part. It reflects in their actions and behavior towards the rest of the world.

It is easy to resort to drugs and alcohol. It is convenient to indulge in self-inflicting behavior and build suicidal tendencies. It looks justified to spit venom on everyone around. The underpinnings of all this- “I am depressed”. Other people should stop pitying and being sympathetic to the depressed. They need hope and energy. Don’t feed them with sugar-coated pitying. Don’t boost their fragile morals with soothing lies. Superficial bandaging won’t heal them ever.

There have been innumerable real-life examples to take cognizance of. A change in mindset, and lifestyle, did wonders for the psyche of an individual. Why can’t you be one?

Enough lecturing, time to give some real healing potion-

  • Stop blaming others, and yourself too.
  • Look at the negativity in others as a weakness in them.
  • Whatever be the situation, wait and respond, never react.
  • Learn to accept that life is beautiful even if all your wishes don’t come true.
  • Stop feeling hollow and fallow.
  • You are an abundant being. The one from which springs flowers of love, affection, kindness, and all the good virtues.
  • Be open to criticism, it can help you be the best version of yourself if used well.
  • Love your self the way you are, because self-love is the first step towards a life filled with love from others.
  • Your weaknesses, flaws, mistakes, and failures make you the unique individual you are.
  • Make your life your own unique story, not someone else’s copied version.
  • Get inspired, improve yourself, but don’t lose your happiness.
  • Be grateful for being alive.
  • Help others with a sense of plenty, not a lack.
  • Have the strength to say NO. Move out of a job, a place, a relation, a situation. Where you think you have put your best effort at, to improve or tackle it, but you can’t try it anymore.
  • Follow a routine that enhances you. The right diet, exercise, and meditation take you a long way. So do involvement in recreational activities that level up your spirits.
  • Every day try to take out a few minutes to ponder on your thought process and attitude towards life. Journal them and ponder on those notions. The ones that are pushing you towards depression and other mental ailments. Seek support, but remember others can only support. It’s you who has to keep the anchor of your stability intact. When you realize this, you will see wonders happening in your life. You will move from darkness to light. The soul will shine again. As you remove the layers of dirt of your own making.

Love is the essence of our existence, rest all are mere fleeting attributes.

Understand this love and be open to experience it every moment. Let not a few thorns stop you from spreading your fragrance and beauty to the world.

Stay blessed, beautiful souls.

Amen !!!


The night burns

Ever seen how this moon, the sky, the breeze, and the water, remind you of old times. So is tonight, a reminder of a long-lost love. But it inspires you to grow out of the loss, the pain, and shine like never.

The moon shines

The Lines

The fiery moon and the calming, breezy night,

The moon sets itself on fire,

And brightens the inky indigo sky,

And the pitch blue water beneath, 

Revealing the unfulfilled passion,

Of forlorn love,

An unrequited emotional encounter,

With a lover of a stark disposition. 

The breeze of detachment,

Tries to obscure this fiery night,

And makes everything look hazy.

But it fails in a manner so miserable,

That the moon shines to its full glory,

And keeps burning the entire night,

Beckoning all and reminding them,

That the painful love stories linger the longest.

Reiterates with its envying resplendence,

Let the pain linger, 

Let it burn you,

For life is all about passion,

A desire to love and confer it too.

And in this fire gives rise to beautiful art,

A poetic soiree,

A piece of a musical symphony,

Or a breathtaking dance recital,

And in time one ought to shine, And glow forever.

Moon: Love: Shine