inspiration, philosophy


Colors and shades,

Hues and tinges,

Strokes and lines,

Arcs and angles,

Shapes and forms,

Shadows and reflections,

Moods and desires,

Thoughts and memories,

Sounds and noises,

Echoes and reverberations,

Rains and winds,

Waves and dunes,

Day and night,

Evening and twilight,

Sunset and sunrise,

Waxing and waning moon,

Pole star and constellations,

Nebulea and cosmos,

Everything in phenomenon,

Known and unknown,

Revealed and concealed,

Perceived and inferred,

Experienced and imagined,

Real and surreal,

Everything changes with light.

light : phenomenon : change



The course of this love,

Is all creases and curves,

Where the folds hide coyly,

The secrets of the bud,


The blooming pain,

Of its magical transformation,

To a charming pink rose.


Reveal with aplomb,

It’s silky countenance.

Yet concealing it’s scars,

And an unsaid pain,

Of a short existence,

Diffused in it’s ecstatic fragrance,

Making lovers wonder,

What stays in love?


What fades away?

love: pain: rose