Love and Relationships

Roses n thorns (my garden)

We all have pricking thorns all over our soft fragrant selves.
Love is about removing those thorns one by one.
Getting hurt and bruised too in the process.
But trying to fill in the soft self with deep love, and care and healing it fully.
It doesn’t happen overnight.
It takes time,

patience and effort.
That’s where people lose the track-
Thinking thorns as the only reality, not the true soft fragrant self.

Even if you pick up those thorns, you will find the rarest essence of the soft self in it and you will take that pain as a reward of building a very strong love in time to come.
Only if you are willing to go that far and deep.
No love is all sweetness n

And softness.
It sharply tears you from within.
And shakes your inner core deeply,
Like a sky- shattering and blinding lightning thunder.
Unless you understand that deep pain,
You wont understand what true love is.



Voice of a dying rose

I’ll keep my beauty alive,
In these dried discolored petals,
And memories of exchange-
Love, death, celebration,
Which became a part of me,
As I adorned those spaces,
In garlands and wreaths,
On walls and vases,
On dinner tables and hair buns,
And places where I got unnoticed,
Yet completed a picture perfect.
As I reminisce those moments,
And accept my fate,
I sing in a melancholic tone,
A farewell song to myself,
Before I crumble and disintegrate,
Into countless tiny particles,
And merge forever,
In this vast existence.

rose: voice: life



The course of this love,

Is all creases and curves,

Where the folds hide coyly,

The secrets of the bud,


The blooming pain,

Of its magical transformation,

To a charming pink rose.


Reveal with aplomb,

It’s silky countenance.

Yet concealing it’s scars,

And an unsaid pain,

Of a short existence,

Diffused in it’s ecstatic fragrance,

Making lovers wonder,

What stays in love?


What fades away?

love: pain: rose