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The Night Speaks When…

Do you ever listen to the silence of the night? No, not with your ears, but with your inner senses. Try listening it tonight, it’s simply magical and captivating.

The night speaks when,

The inner voice silences,
The heart opens up,
The mind is attentive,
To hear the stories,
The night has to share,
Of the past, present, and future.

Mysteries are revealed,
Notions are changed,
Taboos are broken,
Prejudices are shaken.

It brings out a fearless you,
The one who is ready,
To listen to the night,
Everytime it speaks.

night : silence : listen

philosophy, poetry, Spiritual

The call of the divine

How one experiences the divinity is a mystery in itself. But whatever be the experience, it’s worth sharing. I am sharing my experience in the form of a short poem.

The morning temple bells,
And the breezy lake side,
The lemony fresh sky,
And the fragrant marigold petals,
The ivory conch echoes,
And the invigorating mantra sounds,
The soothing camphor fire,
And the cleansing holy water,
The clamor of the devotees,
Brought to a dead silence,
By the sheer divine presence,
Not outside as a diety, but within oneself.

divinity : existence : bliss