philosophy, Soulful

Soul churning thoughts…

When things go wrong,

I wonder, “Is the wind of righteousness responsible,

For this devastation? “

And then,

The tempest of emotions,

Violently swipes away my senses,

And I am trapped in a gloomy whirlpool of resentment and guilt.

All attempts to come out of this quagmire go in vain,

And I rest for a while,

Tired of this eddied existence.

I contemplate the inevitability of everything gone wrong,

And realize the worthiness of being right,

And I do away with resentment and guilt,


Emerging, though very slowly from this trap,

As storms do not last forever,

Though they change everything they touch,

But what does not change is one’s righteousness.


Realizing this truth,

I feel elated the way I survived this devastating tornado,

But never lost my righteousness in the process.

soul : reflections : existence

poetry, Soulful

The Divine Charm

When the feminine energy yearns for the masculine to unite and merge into oneness, ut is no less than magic.

When life was swinging astray,

Finding no peace,

No direction to go,

The heart panged restlessly,

The mind raced recklessly,

A man from the divine land,

One with a blissful aura,

Entered the tempest of my emotions,

And stood there firmly,

Smiling at me,

His eyes radiating only love.

He walked towards me,


Held my cold restless hands,

Caressed my dry pale lips.

He closed my tired eyelids,


Whispered words of magic in my ears.


In a matter of few breaths,

Calmed down the turmoil within.

Embracing me tightly,

And with full authority,

He took me with him,

To the divine land,

To stay with him,

As his soulmate,

For lifetimes, till eternity.

Divine : Love : Unison



What do you feel when you see thunder? What thoughts arise when you hear that jolting sound? For me, it reflects my inner reality. I have expressed the same in the form of poetry.

The emotions inside me

The Lines

This thunder,
An exhibition of rage,
Of the charged up emotions.
This lightening,
Seems like splitting the sky,
In baffling aggression,
With a sharp-edged dagger,
Desperate to tear apart,
The deep pain inside,
It’s liberating.

There are unfamiliar expressions of agony,
A thunder which brightens up the sky,
Akin to a camera’s flash,
Reveals the force of inner turmoil,
A tempest of repressed emotions,
Tha burst in a jiffy,
It’s a kind of exculpation.

This flabbergasting sound,
Is a glaring warning,
Both the bolt and the jolt,
Which reverberate inside my physicality,
And awaken my consciousness,
Conjuring me from this diffidence,
It’s Innervating.

Nature is thy mirror,
It is the chord,
That connects thee,
To the deepest and the darkest fathoms,
Of this existential reality,
In bewildering ways,
It’s ephiphanous.