दर्शन, philosophy



A momentary truth,
Of an eternal reality,
And a constant juggle,
Between perception and memory.
A shadow gives a glimpse,
Of the fleeting nature,
Of this existence,
Nothing remains forever,
In the limited domain,
Of this physical perception,
Yet its essence stays,
In some form or the other,
In the boundless realm,
Of this metaphysical memory.

दर्शन, inspiration, philosophy

A spiritual introspection

Seeking the light of truth

It was a verity, a veracity,

Yet looked like a mystery,

Till now the seeker who was incapable,

For whom life was nothing but a fleeting show,

The one who was like an untuned instrument,

Devoid of any armony within,

For whom communication was merely an exchange of words or sentences,

For whom that frightened the mind, was revered.

He was like a puppet for whom life was a mere play,

But now the light of the inner conscience faced the truth,

And triumphed over the darkness of ignorance.

He now understood that this is the actual value of life,

What was a verity, a veracity,

Is now known to him, what earlier seemed like a mystery.

truth : mystery : realization