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Nature is never problematic.
It acts in its most harmonious way.
It takes its own course with time.
Its the humans who are problematic-
problem for each other,
problem for other creatures,
problem for nature too.
Hastiness, greed, and a sense of false pride makes humans the most problematic of all creatures existing on this planet.


inspiration, philosophy, poetry

Something Still Remains…

A lack, a loss,
A pain, a suffering,
A broken dream,
An unfulfilled desire,
A longing of eons,
A want of ages,
All make us feel,
Life is over.
But the truth is,
A lack makes space,
For something else,
To fill in.
A loss gives a chance,
To gain wisdom.
A pain makes one accept,
That life is not all roses,
Some thorns are needed,
To make the journey worthwhile.
The suffering is a stage,
Which transforms one,
To unveil the light,
Of the inner self.
A broken dream,
Inspires to dream again.
An unfullied desire,
Keeps the fire alive,
To keep going and achieving.
A longing of eons,
Makes one realise,
The value of a moment.
A want of ages,
Makes one understand,
The fleeting nature of things.
And one comes to a conclusion,
Behind this lack,
Behind this loss,
Behind this pain,
Behind this suffering,
Behind this broken dream,
Behind this unfufilled desire,
Behind this longing of eons,
Behind this want of ages,
Something still remains.

life: learning : truth

दर्शन, inspiration, philosophy

A spiritual introspection

Seeking the light of truth

It was a verity, a veracity,

Yet looked like a mystery,

Till now the seeker who was incapable,

For whom life was nothing but a fleeting show,

The one who was like an untuned instrument,

Devoid of any armony within,

For whom communication was merely an exchange of words or sentences,

For whom that frightened the mind, was revered.

He was like a puppet for whom life was a mere play,

But now the light of the inner conscience faced the truth,

And triumphed over the darkness of ignorance.

He now understood that this is the actual value of life,

What was a verity, a veracity,

Is now known to him, what earlier seemed like a mystery.

truth : mystery : realization