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The light still shines

The dark existence,
And its stark persistence,
The obnoxious energy,
And its hollow synergy,
The scathing vice,
And its perturbing caprice,
The impinging attack,
And its stinging flak,
The cunning thought,
And its smelly rot,
The evil intention,
And its pertinent tension,
The sly comments,
And their unpalatable condiments,
The foxy acts,
And their illusionary facts,
The sucking compulsions,
And their draining repulsions,
The erratic statements,
And their puzzled placements,
The gloomy narratives
And their dimming imperatives,
The deliberate scorn,
And its prickly thorn,
The noisy tirade,
And its defeaning charade,
The unrealistic expectations,
And their disappointing manifestations,
The paltry assistance
And its pompous subsistence.
Even within all this,
The light still shines,
And the fragrance still spreads,
The vibrance still stays,
And the exuberance still sprouts.
Even in this barrenness,
In this parched and deficient terrain,
Devoid of warmth and love,
Filled with weeds of hatred and ego,
The scantiness of inspiration,
And the emptiness of positivity,
The goodness still thrives,
The beauty still lives.

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Being Alive

Love is all we need. Love can provide the warmth in the biting cold of Oslo winter too. It’s time to live that love and become truly alive.

Like confetti I shine with the sunshine

The Lines


Visceral grief of mine,


In the fathoms,

Of your oceanic love,

The way,

Are warmed,

These shivering, slender palms,

In the biting Oslo cold,

Wrapped up,

In a cushy woolen glove.


I forget,

To bother,


The sun had risen today,

Or Have the lily buds,


In my backyard.


perceive a change,

Within me,

Of not losing my sanity,

In the trap of the demons,

Who plagued my mind,

For eons together,

And crippled my thoughts,

Stole my inner peace,

And my surreal ecstasy.


I am free,

Unfettered and breathing.


I am truly alive,

Bursting into,

Colorful Confetti,

Shining with the sunshine beams,

Mingling with my liveliness,

Adding a radiant zest,

To its existence.